Friday 29 Jul 2016
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The University of Security Management in Košice organizes a full-time and external study in the field of study : 8.3.1 “Protection of Persons and Property” in the study programme “Security Management” for the 1st level of the university education (Bc.) and since the academic year 2008/2009 also for the study in the 2nd level of the university education (Ing.) in same study programme. Also graduates of the bachelor study in the affined fields of study can register to the study in the 2nd level of the university education after the differential exams performance.

Hereafter the university prepares also other up-to-date and interesting study programmes which are a high current and needed for a practice. These study programmes take up on the study programme “Security Management” and they give to undergraduates a possibility to evolve their accomplishment in an area of economy, practical low, and estimate of risk, prognosis and global development of a security awareness of population which was finished by the military basic service annulment. The present study programme is divided into following areas: Security Management, Protection of economic interests of the company, Safety in transport and logistic processes, Information protection, Crime prevention, Management of environmental risks.